DZS – V1-16XC – OLT for Optical Broadband Service

  • 900Gbps switching capacity
  • 16-port XGS-PON/GPON combo interfaces
  • Fixed 4-port 25GE and 2-port 1GE interfaces
  • XGS-PON ODN class N1 compliant with ITU-T G.9807.1
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New Generation OLT for Optical Broadband Services

The DZS V1-16XC introduces a point-to-multipoint concept with the XGS-PON technology, which enables a cost-effective FTTx service.

The XGS-PON technology adds new features and functionality targeted at improving performance and interoperability and adds support for new applications, services, and deployment scenarios. Among these changes are improvements in data rate and reach performance, diagnostics, and stand-by mode, to name a few.

The V1-16XC introduces a point-to-multipoint concept with the XGS-PON technology, which enables a cost-effective FTTx service. The reason why XGS-PON is considered a cost-effective solution is its usage of a passive splitter rather than an active switching system.

Extraordinary Capacity and Flexibility
The V1-16XC is comprised of combo 16-port XGS-PON interface for service interface and fixed 4-port 25GE interface and 2-port 1GE for uplink on the front panel. It offers a usable interface to make up diverse network services. Therefore, depending on customer requirements, it can be configured with several Ethernet configurations.

Made for Rigid Performance and Reliability Requirements
The V1-16XC offers timing services, allowing for system clocking synchronization from the core of the network. It also provides 2 mounting slots for the dual power modules and 2 mounting slots for the fan on the front panel. PSU modules support 1:1 redundancy and load sharing, so it is possible to operate as non-stoppable. Security features include storm control for broadcast, multicast, and unknown unicast packets, out-band management, and Secure Shell (SSH) support.

Next-generation of ultra-fast XGS-PON
The V1-16XC offers the next generation of ultra-fast XGS-PON technology that can be used for a variety of new revenue-generating applications. Due to the coexistence of GPON equipment installed on the same network, the network can be improved efficiently. It is expected to help build business continuity systems such as telework and video conference that require triple-play services of video, data, and voice.

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