Meridian – ST/SR-1W2A – DigiSlim Digitally Encoded 1 Channel Video with 2 Channels of Audio

  • One slot digital module design
  • 10 Bit Video Digital Encoding
  • Real Time Video and Audio Transmission
  • 7 MHz Video Bandwidth
  • Meets RS-250C Short Haul Transmission Specifications
  • NTSC, PAL, SECAM Compatible
  • 2 channels of one-way Audio (Balanced or Un-balanced)
  • Wide Optical Dynamic Range: Eliminates Need For Optical Attenuators
  • Laser Based Systems for Multimode and Singlemode
  • Surface Mount Technology (SMT) for High Reliability and Repeatability
  • SpectraSmartTM Network Management Compatible
  • Local LED Status Indicators to Monitor Critical System Diagnostics for Performance Parameters
  • ST, FC Optical Connector
  • Hot Swappable Cards
  • Laser Back – Biased Photo Detector Circuitry for Stable Optical Output Over Full Temperature Range.
  • 75 Ohm BNC Video Connector (Gold Center Pin)
  • Meets EIA RS-170, RS-343A Formats
  • 3-pin Screw Terminal Connectors for Audio


This module in the SC product family incorporates an all-digital encoding technology that transmits one real-time, simplex 10-bit
video channel and two, 24-bit audio channels in one direction over one optical fiber. NTSC, PAL and SECAM video formats
are all seamlessly supported. Convenient 3-pin terminal blocks are used for easy connection of the audio channel interfaces.
These single fiber, laser based systems are available in both, Multimode and Singlemode modules. The SC series is also
compatible with Meridian’s SpectraSmart Network management and diagnostic PC based system.

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