Multicom – M660T-BV – RG-6 Tri-Shield 60% AL Braid

  • Available with or without messenger
  • 18 AWG copper covered steel center conductor
  • Gas expanded polyethylene dielectric
  • 1,000 foot reels
  • Swept to 3,500 MHz
  • Inner shield: Aluminum-polypropylene-aluminum laminated tape with overlap bonded to dielectric
  • Outer shield: 34 AWG aluminum braid
  • Tri-shield: Double-side unbonded aluminum foil
  • Jacket: PVC
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ISO-ROHS-logosMulticom’s Tri-shield cable provides protection against electrical noise and interference, as well as preventing signals in the cable from radiating outward. This cable is available with or without a messenger cable.

Multicom stocks a large variety of coax cable including RG-6, 59 and 11 with 60%, 90% and 95% Aluminum Braid, Tri-Shield – Black and White Jackets, Flooded, Messenger and CATV UL. Multicom is committed to providing you with coax cable for every solution at the best value available in the market today. After more than 30 years in the business, we know what is important to you. And if you can’t find it – we’ll make it for you!

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