Multicom – MTG-GDPU – TotalGUARDIAN® Power Station

  • Key Features – All Standard
  • Expands the TotalGUARDIAN MTG-EL24 system enabling remote control of individual power outlets with connectivity of up to 99 MTG-GPDU units per system (792 outlets)
  • Easy Ethernet connection to MTG-EL24
  • Eight individually switched controlled circuits are provided with single outlets
  • Two unswitched outlets are provided for ‘always on’ devices
  • Outlets are spaced for large adapters and plugs
  • Control up to 15A of total load
  • 15A circuit breaker
  • 15-25A AC/DC, 1/2HP relay contacts
  • 3600W metal oxide varistar surge protection clamps power surges and spikes protecting all devices
  • 2×16 backlit LCD status display
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Expanding your TotalGUARDIAN MTG-EL24 system with the Multicom MTG-GPDU gives you the ability to remotely control the 120V AC power for any number of devices. Any device with Internet connectivity provides 24×7 remote status and configuration capability of all of your systems – Every Channel – ANYTIME, ANYWHERE – All in the Palm of Your Hand!

With eight outlets per device, nearly an unlimited number of devices allowed per system and the ability to remotely control any device from a Smartphone, tablet or computer; the MTG-GPDU literally puts the power in your hands.

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