Multicom – M-CEFMOD – Channel Elimination Filter / Modulator Combination Unit

  • Channel Elimination and Modulator incorporated in one package
  • No need for expensive processors
  • Able to eliminate and reinsert either digital or analog signals
  • Easy installation
  • No external coupling required
  • 1 RU rack mount or wall mount


Make Reinsertion Projects Easy and Economical:
The Multicom Channel Elimination Filter / Modulator Combination Unit incorporates a channel elimination filter with a single channel modulator. This allows the removal of a selected channel or frequency to make way for the reinsertion of a premium digital channel or locally originating signal.


  • Schools: Broadcast local content instead of a cable channel
  • MDUs: Add security cameras to your programming
  • Hotel/Motel: Add premium digital channels to analog distribution without adding set top boxes to every room or changing out televisions
  • Hospitals/Hotels/Motels: Add a directory/advertising channel to your programming
  • Homeowners Associations: Add a community directory/content channel to your programming

RCA inputs for reinsertion of:

  • Set-top box
  • VCR
  • DVD
  • Security camera
  • Character generator
  • Media player
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