Multicom – MUL-DA-1A – Drop Amplifier with Upstream/Downstream Diplexer Filter


  • Forward bandwidth 54 to 1220 MHz for large broadband systems
  • Return bandwidth 5 to 42 MHz accommodates interactive revenue-generating services
  • Ultra low 3dB noise figure supports clean distribution, reducing artifacts in digital signals and clearer analog pictures
  • 6 kV surge protected output port to protect consumer equipment from transient voltages and line surges



Multicom’s 1 Port Drop Amplifiers with Upstream/Downstream Diplexer Filter are two-way 1.22GHz devices supporting DOCSIS 3.1 frequencies with an upstream and downstream split of 42/54MHz.

Long drops and excessive splitter losses benefit from advanced Gallium Arsenide (GaAs) technology delivering improved distortion and noise performances. Specifically designed for both indoor and outdoor applications with a 15 PSI water-tight seal, protective coating, and capable of withstanding a 6kV surge for enhanced system reliability.

Additional Features:

  • Output or dedicated power F-port capability provides a powerful flexibility option for local or remote powering
  • Surge and current protected external power supply for domestic and international use
  • 1.22GHz Gallium Arsenide (GaAs) technology
  • Power LED indicator
  • 15 PSI watertight seal
  • Compact, environmentally hardened design
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