Multicom – MUL-OTC-14-AC – Optical Transport Chassis

This product has been replaced with the new and innovative Multicom Optical Transport Chassis and associated Application Modules. Please see the MUL-OTC-CH-V for more information.
Este producto ha sido reemplazado por el nuevo e innovador chasis de transporte optico Multicom y los modulos de aplicacion asociados. Por favor mira el MUL-OTC-CH-V  para mas informacion.

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The Multicom Optical Transport Chassis (OTC) and OTC Modules combine to make a unified optical transport system for communication systems providers.
The OTC shelf is a 4RU, 19″ rack mountable system with 14 universal service slots. It includes a card cage, a shelf controller, and AC or DC redundant power supplies and cooling. The OTC supports long-haul, HFC, RFoG, and PON-RF Overlay applications.

Service modules for the OTC system are hot-swappable, single wide devices and any module can be placed in any slot in any combination. They are automatically configured for operation in seconds, making the Multicom OTC one of the most versatile communications delivery systems in the industry.

  • Intelligent OTC controller maintains a system inventory automatically and constantly monitors status
  • Universal slot design allows a Transmitter, EDFA, or HFC/RFoG Return Path Receiver module to be installed in any slot
  • High port density to support up to 28 optical networks in a single 4 RU chassis
  • Front panel controls for status at a glance – No terminal needed
  • Remote management using SNMP allows easy integration to standard management systems
  • AC or DC powering to optimize the power options for each installation
  • Redundant power supplies for high reliability and to minimize downtime
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