Multicom – MUL-RN-V-R – Rackmount Optical Receiver Node

  • Features an advanced optical AGC capability, optical AGC control range: 0dBm ~ -8 / -7 / -6dBm adjustable
  • Two-way optical signal inputs, for backing up each other, can automatically switch according to the pre-set switching threshold, or a manual forced switch
  • Forward path working frequency up to 1GHz, RF amplifier uses a high performance low power consumption GaAs chip, the maximum output level is up to 118dBμV


The MUL-RV-V-R Rackmount Optical Receiver Node is a new 1GHz two-way switch optical receiver with wide range optical receiving power, high output level, and low power consumption, in a compact easy to install 1RU enclosure.

Additional Features:

  • EQ and ATT both are microprocessor controlled and remotely configurable
  • Built-in the Ethernet transponder, supporting remote network management (optional)
  • Dual redundant power supplies (optional)
  • 48VDC power (optional)
  • SMTP and Web network management interface

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