Multicom -MUL-OTC-RPR4-V – Four-Channel Return Path Receiver Module

  • Wide spectral bandwidth supporting 1100nm through 1600nm optical receiving wavelength range
  • High density chassis design with 4 HFC RPRs per module for up to 64 RPRs in a 4RU shelf
  • Remote management using SNMP allows easy integration to standard management systems
  • Status indicators, RF monitor and hot-swappable design for easy diagnostics & maintenance


The Multicom MUL-OTC-RPR4-V Four-channel Return Path Optical Receiver Module is used for receiving return path television video and audio, digital television, and voice and data (or compressed data) signals. It uses E-O optical receiving devices and the signal amplifier incorporates a low noise GaAs module to ensure a high quality signal output.

Each Return Path Optical Receiver Module includes four optical receivers to receive four optical inputs and convert them into CATV RF, and then pre-amplify them independently. The RPR Module communicates with the CMM Display and Control Module (CMM) by A/D sampling, a switching circuit, and a status communication interface circuit.

The Multicom Four Channel Return Path Receiver Module is a member of the Multicom OTC (Optical Transport Chassis) product family that includes the CMM Display and Control Module and dual redundant Power Modules in a 16 slot chassis. The OTC also supports the hotswappable 1310nm and 1550nm Transmitters Modules and EDFA modules, as well as alternative modules to meet your network needs.

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