Multicom – MUL-MN-V-RFOG-ONU – RFOG Optical Network Unit

  • The laser control circuit uses advanced circuit design, ensuring reliable and stable operation
  • Provides excellent AGC characteristics – when the input optical power range is within -7 ~ +2dBm, the RF output level remains unchanged
  • Optimized circuit design using the SMT production process optimizes the entire signal path, making the optical signal transmission more stable
  • Professional RF attenuator circuit ensures excellent linear attenuation
  • GaAs amplifier device provides low distortion and high reliability
  • Aluminum die casting for efficient cooling and stable performance
  • Replaces MUL-MN-1000D-5/42


The Multicom RFOG Optical Network Unit is bidirectional and specially developed for HFC broadband networks while accommodating all FTTH (Fiber to the Home) network topologies. This unit also addresses the issues of CATV bi-directional return channel noise and the high reliability network security transmission requirements of modern CATV networks.

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Transmit Wavelength

1610, 1310

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