Starburst – SB-UL6090-15PS – 60/90 Volt UL Listed CATV Power Supply

  • Double Protection – The SB-UL6090-15PS incorporates an internal circuit breaker as well as a resettable thermal cut off fuse as standard components. Designed with safety in mind!
  • Outdoor Operation – The SB-UL6090-15PS has been authorized by UL for outdoor use
  • Stable Operation – Will operate continuously at 100% maximum load (15amps)
  • Output – 60VAC@15amps or 90VAC@10amps (field selectable)
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The SB-UL6090-15PS is a UL Listed 60/90 volt 15/10 Amp Power Supply and is the first of its kind. The UL Listed housing is a Type 3R rainproof enclosure with excellent ventilation features designed into the housing.

The SB-UL6090-15PS comes with “Double Protection”. It includes an internal circuit breaker, as well as an automatic shut down sensor. The SB-UL6090-15PS will operate continuously at 100% maximum load. The unit is designed to mount on a wall, pole, or pedestal. The unit is 60 VAC or 90 VAC, field selectable and comes with a three year limited warranty.

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