Televes – 232110 – Pocket Fusion Splicer Kit

Eliminate the possibility of failures on the splicing process.
Easy-to-use equipment for those beginning to work with Fibre Optics.
Interchangeable bolsters to use with fibres or fusion-spliced connectors.
LED lighting over the fusion point, for a better positioning of the fibres.
4 Fusion modes: (Auto, Calibrated, Standard, and Special)
Small size and weight, with all the features of a regular fusionsplicer.
Specially designed to use it in hard-to-reach areas and works-at-height.
Automatic arc compensation: embedded atmospheric pressure/temperature sensors to adequate the electric arc discharge.
Small-sized case for an easy and practical transport.
Low consumption mode.
Automatic detection of most common faults.
Indication of both Clad/Core deviation and fibre cut angle.


This splicer has 4 possible blending modes (auto, calibrate, regular and special). Through specific interchangeable heads lets you blend connectors directly or fibers. It is designed to work at heights or areas of difficult access.

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