Televes – 451280 – DTKom CATV Amplifier, 54 – 1002MHz (40 dB) / 5-42MHz (20 dB), 62dBmV @42CH


  • Front panel variable gain and slope controls for easy adjustment.
  • Two-way capability with a user selectable active/passive return path.
  • Power doubling technology for distortion-free, high output level operation.
  • Externally accessible -20 dB input/output test ports provide convenient in-service performance monitoring.
  • Extremely low power consumption for cost-effective and troublefree operation.
  • Cast Zamak chassis with large heat sinks providing exceptional heat dissipation.
  • Exceptional conducted and radiated interference performance at full output level.
  • Built-in, high quality switched power supply.


The DTKom Series Amplifiers are professional quality, completely self contained, two way broadband indoor distribution amplifiers designed for multi-channel RF distribution systems where the input source is a cable drop or the output of a MATV/SMATV/CATV headend. The 451280 is a high output level, power doubling amplifier, with an RF bandwidth of 1002 MHz, equipped for 2-way operation with a 42/54 MHz split that can operate in passive or active return configurations.

The 451280 has a user selectable, flat operating, forward gain of 30 dB or 40 dB, with a return gain of 20 dB when in active mode. Lower operating gains can be achieved by adjusting the variable attenuators. The amplifier can be attenuated over a range of 20 dB in the forward path and 20 dB in the return path. Gain and slope controls are located on the front panel for easy set-up and adjustment with the provided tool. Two -20 dB test points are provided to permit testing without interruption of service.

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