VIAVI – ONX-630D31-4285-1012-NTX – OneExpert CATV Signal Analysis Meter Platform

  • Real-time channel identification eliminates the need for channel plans and plan-related errors
  • 32×8 DOCSIS® 3.0, DOCSIS 3.1, WiFi, 1 Gigabit Ethernet capable, and TrueSpeed™ option
  • Field-exchangeable DOCSIS/RF module
  • A unique dual-diplexer design supports the transition to an extended return band
  • WiFi 2.4/5 GHz, wireless personal area network, and StrataSync™ enabled
  • Simultaneous ingress and downstream testing
  • Optional fiber scope and power meter
  • Optional ISDB-T Module


A Full-featured Handheld for Technicians at Any Skill Level – Now with DOCSIS 3.1

OneExpert™ CATV helps field technicians fix problems right – the first time. A technician-friendly interface and OneCheck™ automated tests ease complex tasks with a simple dashboard that shows clear pass/fail results. And its future-proof modularity ensures years of use supporting CATV networks.

The VIAVI ONX-630D31-4285-1012-NTX OneExpert CATV ONX-630 Signal Analysis Meter Platform helps field technicians fix problems right the first time. A multi-touch, user-friendly interface and OneCheck automated tests ease complex tasks with a simple dashboard that shows clear pass/fail results. And its future-proof modularity ensures years of use supporting CATV networks.

Comprehensive Tools Increase Productivity We built expertise into OneExpert so that technicians at any skill level can quickly optimize performance. With a modular platform that adapts easily to rapidly changing technologies, OneExpert CATV is:

  • Simple: Auto channel identification eliminates channel plan build, maintenance, and deployment overhead and enables automated testing without the potential for channel plan-related test failures
  • Fast: OneCheck uses powerful processing and exceptional speed to make more complete testing
  • Practical: a tech can run a comprehensive test, including MER and BER on all channels, in about a minute
  • Powerful: More intelligent, powerful algorithms running in the background while testing enables the meter to point out any problems and suggest the next troubleshooting steps


  • Simplifies and speeds testing and troubleshooting
  • Improves compliance and audit performance
  • Reduces rework
  • Turns any technician into an expert


  • Troubleshooting QAM carriers/home networks
  • Verifying WiFi in 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz networks
  • Testing Gigabit DOCSIS services
  • Installing PON/RFoG including inspection, power levels, and RF performance
  • Optional QAM video MPEG analysis for RPD activation
  • Optional home leakage testingy
  • Network maintenance with forward and reverse sweep
What is DOCSIS?

Data Over Cable Service Interface Specification (DOCSIS) is an international telecommunications standard that permits the addition of high-bandwidth data transfer to an existing cable television (CATV) system. It is used by many cable television operators to provide Internet access over their existing hybrid fiber-coaxial (HFC) infrastructure. The version numbers are sometimes prefixed with simply “D” instead of “DOCSIS” (e.g., D3 for DOCSIS 3).

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