Multicom – MUL-OPM-PON-VFL-300 – PON Optical Power Meter with Visual Fault Locator

  • Tests 3 PON wavelengths synchronously: 1490nm, 1550nm & 1310nm, and stores the results for downloading
  • Power Meter is capable of testing 850nm, 1300nm, 1310nm, 1490nm,
    1550nm, 1625nm
  • 10mW Visual Fault Locator
  • Tests the burst mode RFoG upstream wavelength signal of 1310nm
  • Handheld, easy to operate
  • More Features below
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3-in-1 PON Optical Power Meter:

  • PON Power Meter – Test between OLT and ONT
  • Optical Power Meter – Test Six Wavelengths
  • 10mW Visual Fault Locator

The MUL-OPM-PON-VFL-300 is a handheld Optical Power and PON meter with Visual Fault Locator function with an ergonomic design that uses the latest technology in the fiber optic industry. The Multicom Optical Power Meter provides outstanding functionality and durability with a broad power measurement range, wide variety of wavelengths, high precision, and high sensitivity.

The MUL-OPM-PON-VFL-300 can be used to measure almost anything in a fiber optic network, the optical power in a PON network using the ONT & OLT ports, or the optical power in a CATV and Telecom singlemode fiber system (including GPON/EPON), or a IT/Data/LAN multi-mode fiber system.

The Multicom Optical Power Meter has the capability to measure the voice, data and video (1310, 1490, 1550 nm) simultaneously, as well as giving the user the freedom of choosing their preferred threshold values for immediate automatic Pass/Fail analysis, also with a 32-bit CPU the user can save up to 1,000 records and upload the results to a PC using the PON management software.

The MUL-OPM-PON-VFL-300 includes an integrated OPM with a -50dBm to +26dBm range for 850, 1300, 1310, 1490, 1550 and 1625 nm wavelengths giving it convenience, flexibility, portability, and ease of use. The OPM-PON-VFL-300 also incorporates a Visual Fault Locator (VFL) module with 10mW output power to help the user in finding faults in the network fibers such as breaks and bad splices etc.

Additional Features:

  • 32-bit CPU with 480 x 800 True Color screen with 65,000 colors
  • Stores 10 groups of threshold values for automatic analyzing and display of pass / fail status
  • Relative value choice and edit function
  • USB Flashdrive with Management Software
  • Save and upload 1,000 records through USB to management software
  • Set the threshold value, upload data, and calibrate wavelength through management software
  • Auto shut off (according to set value)
  • Auto backlit off (according to set value)
  • 3.7V, 6600mAh rechargable Lithium battery
  • Power saving design (low voltage self check and power off )
  • Real-time clock display


  • PON Ports – ONT & OLT
  • OPM – Optical Power Meter Port
  • VFL – Visual Fault Locator Port



The MUL-OPM-PON-VFL-300 PON Optical Power Meter Kit Includes:
• 3-in-1 PON Optical Power Meter with Visual Fault Locator MUL-OPM-PON-VFL-300
• USB Flash Drive with Computer Report Software
• Carrying Case
• Battery Charger
• Packet of Cotton Swabs
• USB Cable
• Factory Test Report

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