Multicom – MUL-OFI-VFL-10MW – Optical Fiber Identifier with 10mW VFL

  • Indicates the signal direction and power in optical fiber
  • Indicates signal presence or absence (live or dark fiber)
  • Efficiently identifies the traffic direction and frequency tone (270Hz, 1KHz, 2KHz) with audible warning
  • Displays the relative core power
  • Lower power indication
  • Build in VFL function



The Multicom MUL-OFI-VFL-10MW Optical Fiber Identifier is ideal for online testing. The MUL-OFI-VFL-1MW Optical Fiber Identifier is used for nondestructive fiber identification. It is capable of detecting signal presence and direction in any location of Singlemode fiber. It also incorporates a Visual Fault Locator module with fault location function.


Parameter Specification
Identified Wavelength Range 750-1700nm
Insertion Loss 1.0dB
Fiber Type <3mm fiber
Identified Signal Type 270Hz/1KHz/2KHz
Display Type LED
Detector Type 1mm InGaAs
Minimum detection power -35dBm (1550nm)
-30dBm (1310nm)
Center Wavelength 650nm
Output Power 10 mW
Alkaline Battery 2 x AA
Battery Life ~60 Hours
Operating Temperature 0~+50 ℃
Storage Temperature -20~+60℃
Weight 200g
Dimension(mm) 230 x 43 x 36
Specifications of VFL
Wavelength (nm) 650±10 nm
Output Power 10mW
Fiber Port FC/UPC

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