Multicom – MUL-FVSCOPE-400 – Handheld Video Fiber Inspection Microscope

  • Fine focus control for easy inspection of any fiber connector
  • 5 interchangeable precision stainless-steel adapters
  • USB connection to an OTDR or PC/laptop to display, capture and record the fiber end-faces
  • Image capture for recording, reports, and quality assurance



Actual image taken by the MUL-FVSCOPE-400

The MUL-FVSCOPE-400 Kit is a handheld video fiber inspection microscope tool that provides a 400x magnification, and offers a live clear digital image of the fiber ends-faces that are viewable, and can be displayed, captured, and recorded on an OTDR or PC/laptop. The kit includes a variety of five useful adapter tips for LC, FC and SC fiber ends, 1.25 and 2.5mm PC-M ends, plus a USB cable, and a convenient carrying case.

The MUL-FVSCOPE-400 enables a critical and detailed view of the fiber end-face. Any trace of contamination – dirt, pits, chips, or scratches will cause degrading of the optical signals in the cable; careful analysis for these imperfections is critical to the integrity of your network traffic. This handheld video fiber inspection microscope also works the Multicom MUL-OTDR-1000/1100, as well as a selection of compatible OTDRs.

The MUL-FVSCOPE-400 Kit includes: MUL-FVSCOPE-400, 5 adapter tips, USB cable, User Manual, USB Drive with Fiber Face Viewer App, and Carrying bag

Technical Parameters

  • Magnification: 400x
  • Resolution: 0.75μm
  • Field of View: 0.68 x 0.51mm
  • Light Source: Blue high-intensity LED
  • Focus: Manual
  • Alignment: >98%
  • Adapter Tips: 1.25mm PC-M, 2.5mm PC-M, LC-PC-F, FC-PC-F, SC-PC-F
  • Dimensions: 180 x 22 x 56mm (7” x .86” x 2.2”)
  • Weight: .35 lbs (158g)
  • Controls: Fine Focus Control Wheel, Image capture, Brightness wheel

MUL-FVSCOPE-400 image as seen on the Multicom MUL-OTDR-1100











Additional information


Open MUL-FVSCOPE-400 Spec Sheet

Open Connects Directly with the Multicom MUL-OTDR-1100 – Spec Sheet

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