Multicom – MUL-FO-SP-G-SLEEVE – Fiber Optic Splice Sleeve, 100 pcs.

  • Does not affect the optical characteristics of the fiber
  • Protects connection points and improves mechanical strength
  • Reduces the risk of optical fiber damage during installation
  • Transparent sleeve makes the fiber connection visible throughout the process
  • Sealed fiber connection provides temperature and humidity resistance
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The Multicom MUL-FO-SP-G-SLEEVE Fiber Heat Shrinkable Sleeve is made from a highly stable heat-shrinkable polymer material. The convenient transparent sleeve makes it easy to detect whether the fiber joint is aligned correctly, providing a simple way to ensure proper splice protection.

After shrinkage around the spliced fiber, the optical transmission characteristics of the fiber are completely intact. The sleeve with a reinforced stainless steel rod provides strength and protection from any stress on the fiber joint in further installation.

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