Orlando, FL – August 2003 – Multicom stock high quality CATV subscriber and outdoor passives from RMS Communications.

Multicom, with headquarters in Orlando, Florida is a full-line stocking distributor for end-to-end integration of communication solutions for the cable television (CATV) industry (both franchised and private cable), high-speed Internet industries. The company’s products are used acquire, process and distribute audio, video, television, data, energy and traffic control signals over coax, fiber optic and copper cable.

Founded in 1943, RMS communications has been engaged in the import, assembly and sale of electronic devices and components for various segments of the communication industry. Today, the extensive RMS product line includes over 500 products, which are used in the construction or rebuilding of CATV systems. These consist primarily of specialized passive and active devices, such as, low directional taps, line passives, hybrid splitters, connectors, filters, isolators, attenuators, drop amplifiers, etc.

The mini-subscriber amplifier, pictured above is one of RMS’s newest products and is now available in quantity. It features passive returns, high gain with low noise figure in 1, 2, and 4-way outputs.

To contact Multicom for more information, prices or a free catalog, call 1-800-423-2594, e-mail to multicom@multicominc.com or visit www.multicominc.com.