Multicom – MUL-FO-CLEAN-CASS – Fiber Optic Cleaner Cassette

  • Minimizes static attraction
  • Ultra clean micro-fiber cloth captures debris and other contamination
  • The cloth is robust, it does not fray or leave any fibrous materials behind
  • Activating trigger exposes micro-fiber cloth, otherwise it is protected behind a metal panel
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The Multicom MUL-FO-CLEAN-CASS Fiber Optic Cleaner Cassette is the most effective high-end cleaning solution available. This cassette cleaner is suitable for all connector types except male MT connectors.

This cassette cleaner features a 25 foot densely-woven dry cloth reel which provides superior cleaning performance while minimizing static charge, ensuring that debris is not instantly attracted back onto the fiber tips you just cleaned. The 25 feet cloth can be used over 500 times – and is hidden behind a protective metal panel until trigger is activated.

  • Hand-grip body
  • Dry cleaning
  • Size: 120W x 80H x 37D (mm)

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