Multicom – MUL-MN-V-RPON-GPON/XGSPON – Fiber Optic Micro-Node with PON Pass Through, GPON/XGSPON

  • GPON/XGSPON bidirectional passthrough
  • Optical receiving power up to 0dBm
  • Output can be adjusted manually
  • GaAs amplification
  • Three different color indicators show the optical power receiving status
  • Efficient power consumption <3W



The MUL-MN-V-RPON GPON/XGSPON Fiber Optic Micro-Node with PON Pass Through provides GPON/XGSPON bidirectional passthrough while providing RF/CATV receiving functionality. It has been specially designed for HFC broadband networks, accommodating FTTH (Fiber to the Home) network topology.



Also see Multicom Nodes:

  • Optical Micro Node with PON Pass Through Port – The MUL-MN-V-RFOG-XXXX-PON/XGSPON optical micro-node with PON Pass-Through is bidirectional equipment that was specially developed for HFC broadband networks, accommodates FTTH network topology, while addressing the issues of CATV bidirectional return channel noise and high-reliability network security transmission requirements of modern CATV networks.
  • RFOG Optical Micro Node with PON Pass Through Port – The Multicom RFOG Optical Micro Node with the available PON Pass-Through Port option provides PON/GPON/XPON bidirectional passthrough and RF/CATV bidirectional functionality. It is specially developed for HFC broadband networks while accommodating all FTTH (Fiber to the Home) network topologies. This unit also addresses the issues of CATV bi-directional return channel noise and the high-reliability network security transmission requirements of modern CATV networks.
  • MUL-MN-V-TR-HP – High Power Optical Micro-Node
  • MUL-MN-V-TR – Optical Micro-Node
  • MUL-OFN-V-M-FP-4-M 4-Port Outdoor Optical Node

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