Multicom – MUL-OTC-1310TX – 1310nm Transmitter Module

This product has been replaced with the new and innovative Multicom 1310nm Optical Transmitter Module. Please see the MUL-OTC-1310TX-V-X for more information.
Este producto ha sido reemplazado por el nuevo e innovador chasis de transporte optico Multicom y los modulos de aplicacion asociados. Por favor mira el MUL-OTC-1310TX-V-X  para mas informacion.


The 1310nm Transmitter Module supports HFC and video transport applications. It can be ordered with output power from +6dBm to +14dBm for use in long-haul or HFC applications. This low noise directly modulated transmitter supports a full 78 NTSC channel loading, has advanced distortion pre-compensation, and automatic power control, (APC). 14-1310nm Transmitter Modules can be installed in one OTC shelf.

  • Fully automatic gain and power controls provide exceptional stability and linearity
  • Wide frequency range from 47 to 1000 MHz for current and future network applications
  • Distortion pre-compensation allows high fidelity links over long distances for high video quality
  • Remote management using SNMP allows easy integration to standard operations systems
  • Optional output power selections support a wide variety of HFC network configurations
  • Advanced protection circuitry with alarms provides Automatic Laser Shutdown
  • Status indicators, RF monitor and Hot-swappable design for easy diagnostics & maintenance
  • Keyed laser shut-down switch allows safe maintenance of the optical network and components
  • Multicom OTC Transport system allows flexible deployments and consistent operations
  • Available in +6, +8, +10, +12, +14dBm output levels
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