Multicom – MUL-RM-xF-Px-XX/YYY-X – Patch and Splice Enclosure

  • *New* Splice Tray design eases installation
  • Custom loaded to your specific configuration
  • 1.5M Pigtails included in loaded enclosures
  • Splice tray and cable management spools included
  • Accepts up to three LGX Adapter Panels
  • Hinged front and rear Plexiglass doors
  • Side patch and exit ports
  • Fully removable sliding-out tray for easy access
  • 16 gauge cold rolled steel construction
  • Powder coat black finish
  • Assorted strain relief and fiber accessories included
  • Provides higher patch field density in fewer rack units saving valuable rack space
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The Multicom 1 RU Patch and Splice Enclosure is designed to accept up to 3 LGX Adapter Panels with the ability to use a full array of connector types. This enclosure offers a flexible solution, enabling the incorporation of a multi-functional chassis that allows easy access during installation or re-work with no disturbance of the existing fiber cables – making this one of the most flexible enclosures on the market.

Multicom’s Fiber Optic Adapter Panels are compatible with, and can be custom pre-loaded into Patch and Splice Enclosures. Adapter Panels are available in all connector formats. See the Multicom Adapter Panels for connector types and configurations.

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Additional information



Simplex, Duplex

Fiber Count

6, 12, 18, 24, 36, 48, 72, 96

Open Patch and Splice Enclosure Spec Sheet

Open Adapter Panel Spec Sheet

Open Patch and Splice Enclosure Ficha Tecnica

Open Adapter Panel Ficha Tecnica

Open Patch and Splice Enclosure Label Management (legal size)