Because of the ability to maintain a high level of service quality and processing metrics for NCTC members, Multicom has been named by the NCTC Group Purchasing Organization as a “Top Performer” in order processing metrics. NCTC has distinguished Multicom for offering cutting-edge products, well-rounded content, and creative solutions that help NCTC members deliver best-in-class service to their subscribers.

In case you didn’t see it, this is the Multicom submission in the Q4, 2021,
NCTC Supplier Connection Newsletter:

“Partnering with NCTC has allowed Multicom to reach further into the cable and broadband industry by working with the cable operators and IT providers that serve small and midsized communities”, said Sherman Miller, President, and CEO of Multicom, Inc. “With generations of experience, these agile companies succeed by taking risks and competing in an ever-changing industry, while always putting customers first. These are precisely the values that have proven successful for Multicom, which explains why we share a very successful synergy with NCTC members.”

Multicom wears the NCTC badge proudly and is very grateful to the NCTC Group Purchasing Organization for this distinguished honor.


Headquartered in Orlando, FL, and maintaining sales offices, rep agencies and sub-distributors throughout North and Latin America, Multicom stocks over 20,000 products from more than 380 of the world’s major manufacturers. These products are used to acquire, process, and distribute audio, video, data, energy, and traffic control signals over fiber optic, copper, and coax cable.

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