Multicom – M-11-CH3-T10 – 3-Piece Pin Type Connector

  • Aluminum Alloy with Chromate Finish
  • “O” Ring Seals
  • Bandwidth: 5 MHz to 1 GHz
  • Nominal Impedance: 75 ohms



Multicom’s 3-piece RG-11 Pin Type Connector seizes the outer and center conductor of the coaxial cable. It has an additional feature not found in the feed thru type consisting of a solid brass pin which seizes and retains the cable center conductor. The pin then extends thru the body and is retained within the equipment housing.

Multicom also stocks:

  • M-500-CH3-T10
  • M-540-CH3-T10
  • M-625-CH3-T10
  • M-750-CH3-T10
  • M-875-CH3-T10

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Open M-11-CH3-T10 Spec Sheet

Open M-500-CH3-T10 Spec Sheet

Open M-750-CH3-T10 Spec Sheet

Open M-500-CH3-T10 Ficha Tecnica

Open M-750-CH3-T10 Ficha Tecnica