Multicom – M-FOCON-FI-SM-XX/YYY – Field Installable Fiber Optic Fast Connectors

  • Quick and easy fiber termination in less than two minutes
  • No epoxy, fiber polishing, special tools, or fusion splicer required
  • Precision mechanical alignment insures low insertion loss
  • High optical performance
  • Uses proven, molded v-groove technologies
  • See our detailed Field Installable Fiber Optic Fast Connectors page that includes an installation guide, fiber prep and Fast Connector installation video, and more information.
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Easy install in less than 2 minutes by a technician with any level of expertise!

The Multicom Field-installable Fiber Optic Fast Connectors feature a pre-polished ferrule (UPC/APC), that couples to the fiber being terminated by precision mechanical alignment, insuring low loss with a proprietary gel.

Offering convenience and stability, the assembly of the connector requires only normal fiber preparation tools and minimal space, making them easy to prepare in the field in minutes. Just strip the buffer, cleave and clean the fiber, and then insert the fixed-length fiber through the ferrule of the connector.

See our detailed Field Installable Fiber Optic Fast Connector page for an instructional video on how to prepare the optical fiber including stripping, cleaning, inserting the fiber into the fiber optic cleaver, and then installing the prepared fiber into the field installable fiber optic fast connector. You will also find a step-by-step installation guide, and be able to download the User Manual.

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