UPDATE – MAY 9, 2018 ♦ Forbes – China’s ZTE Shuts Down After U.S. Tech Ban Over Iran Sales – This is the beginning of the end for China’s second largest telecommunications equipment maker, after market leader Huawei. ZTE declared on Wednesday that it ceased “major operating activities”, including factories, after the Trump administration banned U.S. companies to sell it technologies, including hardware and software components.

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NOTE: After Huawei, the leader in worldwide GPON sales was banned from selling their products into the US market earlier this year –

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♦ Forbes – The ZTE American Tech Ban, Huawei To Quit The US –   – On Monday, the U.S. government announced that it will ban the sale of American technologies to ZTE, China’s second-largest telecommunications equipment maker (including 45 million Android smartphones) with $17 billion in annual sales last year, behind Huawei. After the Federal Communications Commission decided to implicitly ban Huawei’s telecom equipment in the U.S., Atherton Research wrote that the world’s largest supplier of telecommunications gear (GPON, servers, routers, wireless, 4G…) will leave the U.S. market to focus its efforts and energy on Asia, Europe, Africa and Latin America.
♦ CNBC Tech – China’s ZTE Says it’s Seeking a Solution to US Tech Ban – ZTE Corp., one of China’s biggest tech companies, said Sunday that it is taking steps to comply with a U.S. technology ban and that it is seeking a solution to the issue it says threatens its survival. The ban on state-owned ZTE was imposed last Monday in a case involving exports of telecoms equipment to Iran and North Korea. U.S. companies are barred from selling technology to ZTE for seven years.
♦ Reuters – China’s ZTE Seeks Resolution of U.S. Export Ban – BUSINESS NEWS – APRIL 22, 2018 / 7:21 AM – U.S. authorities last week banned American companies from sales to ZTE for seven years, saying the Chinese company had broken a settlement agreement with repeated false statements – a move that threatens to cut off ZTE’s supply chain. The action was sparked by ZTE’s violation of an agreement that was reached after it was caught illegally shipping U.S. goods to Iran.
 ♦ CNN Tech – China’s ZTE Fires Back Over US Ban: ‘We Cannot Accept It’ – @CNNTech – April 20, 2018: 6:50 AM ET – The Commerce Department said Monday that ZTE had lied to US officials about steps it had taken to punish employees who violated US sanctions against North Korea and Iran. The Chinese company last year agreed to pay a $1.2 billion fine after a US investigation found it had illegally shipped telecommunications equipment to the blacklisted countries. Instead of punishing those involved, “ZTE paid full bonuses to employees that had engaged in illegal conduct, and failed to issue letters of reprimand,” the Commerce Department said.
 ♦ The Verge – ZTE says the US Export Ban will “Severely Impact” its Survival – 

The list goes on… By doing a search of ‘zte banned’, you will see an endless list of articles on companies that are subject to the US technology ban that include ZTE and Huawei.